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Our Services

Julyana Adoptions is here to help the children that belong to you, come to you. We believe that all children should experience a secure, happy and loving family. That is why we are dedicated to applying our many years of experience to help facilitate the bringing together of family. Below is a summary of our services, a more detailed description of our services is available in PDF format. Please contact us for information on our pricing.

We focus on these key service areas:


JACS provides accreditation and reaccreditation for agency's that want to work with the Colombia government. We provide assistance to develop and maintain the program in Colombia. Do you need help with:

  • Accreditation and/or reaccreditation process before Colombia Central Authority ( ICBF )?
  • Staff training with regards of ICBF Technical/administrative Guidelines?
  • Assistance with Case/managers with regard of families' questions about their in country process?
  • Live seminars and webinar presentation?
  • Assistance with dossier paperwork for families of Colombian heritage?
  • Biweekly update with staff about dossiers located in Colombia. Review of dossiers before been sent to Colombia?
  • Coordination about translation and registration of dossiers before ICBF and Casas Privadas?
  • Tracking of approval and referral process. Assistance with Waiting Children Program?
  • Assistance with Mission trips and development of Humanitarian Aid projects?
  • Coordination of Vacation Programs Coordination with Colombia In Country team such as; attorneys, secretary, accountant, interpreters, guides, drivers, hotels, tourism and all needs during in country's?
  • Assistance with delivering Post Adoption Reports?
  • Coordination of Mission Groups?
  • Coordination of Vacation/host programs?

Adoptive Children

Are you concerned or curious about who you are?

  • We can assist to find birth mother and/or birth relatives
  • We can help you be part of the host/vacation program.

Adoptive Parents

Thinking to adopt? We provide the following services, and more:

  • Providing information about Colombia process, previous to selection of agency.
  • Assistance with selection of agency.
  • Facilitating to obtain Colombian birth certificate for adoptive parents that were born in USA to a Colombian parent.
  • Facilitating to obtain Visa to travel to Colombia after acceptance of referral.
  • Guidance and travel talk after acceptance of referral.
  • Specialized services for Adoptive Parents in Spain going VIA LIBRE.

Legal Matters

Are you needing assistance with:

  • Review dossier paperwork?
  • Review the resolution of adoptability?
  • Process birth certificate for Colombian descent applicants?
  • Review of citizenship paperwork Dual citizenship matters?

A group of attorneys are available to help.